Photo By John Seward

photo by John Seward


About Our Book

Although I tried my best, this book does not include every great car collection in the state of Oklahoma. Far from it. Several collectors said no. Some said my timing was wrong. There are a few I heard about but never found. However, despite more than a few false starts and dead ends, it’s been a four-year labor of love for me, and the people in this book are those who were kind enough to welcome me into their car barns.


Don Boulton, who has one of the most incredible brass car collections in the world, says he has high hopes for me as a “gear head.” That might be a bridge too far. But I am able to recognize a 1949 Cadillac instantly, and that impresses some people. 


There are few things I love more than history and beautiful automobiles. This project has involved both. My Saturday mornings are now spent in the company of the Horseless Carriage Club, and I can’t imagine anywhere else I would rather be.


Ann Sherman